Are you thinking of hosting a devotional?

It can be a lot of work putting together prayers, questions, and possible answers from the Writings for a lively discussion on a relevant topic... and then there's all the other stuff. It can be downright daunting!

Well, a mom of three had a creative and helpful idea and passed it one to us. That idea, how about offering a kit of the things that might be needed to get started with a devotional? “A Devotional Starter Kit Box-!”

A devotional starter kit would have three devotional programs. In that way, friends would have three experiences and then be ready to branch out on their own.

Well, our team thought it was a great idea and came up with the first kit of:

1) The Love of God;

2) Trusting in God;

3) Obeying God.

Sound familiar? Of course, you could change the name … change anything and everything, if you like. We are offering the kit hoping that it might help the friends.

Each kit would have 3 devotional meeting sets -  


  1. cover sheet for devotional gathering importance and suggested ideas to prepare the atmosphere, etc.
  2. 9 supporting prayers
  3. 9 supporting quotations from the Baha'i Writings and a variety of inspirational materials 
  4. 3-6 songs - USB or link (prayers, writings, and atmosphere)
  5. 1 pack of index cards to write questions for those shy to ask aloud or for the host to keep on track
  6. 9 questions and ideas on the topic for conversation
  7. 3 recipes for the host to make - yummy snacks
  8. 3 small handouts containing the program for that meeting – book style
  9. a pack of fill-in business cards with the link to the Bahá’í Faith and contact person to talk about things
  10. 3 activities for children and
  11. 3 crafts for all ages
We are hoping that if you use the kit a few times, then you’ll get the hang of it and make your own devotional themes! We hope yo

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