Auntie Lili on Creating Activity Pages for Children - Issue 15 - For the Feast of Names, Asmá

Hi All -- I've just been asked to share what the experience has been so far in creating Feast Pages for here goes... An issue for Feast Pages for Kids starts with research: finding a kid friendly definition, and supporting quotes, prayers and images that inspire. At first it is all effort with anemic results. Then, after about five hours of hunting, combing, exploring and rummaging through websites a blurry spiritual insight comes into view. It is puny, fragile and timid. In a bit more time, the theme becomes vibrant and strong. It is confirming.

Then, there are times when inspiration is nearly impossible. And, without a clear inspirational theme, the vocabulary list is puny and short, and the images are blurry and disjointed. Fun things drown in a puddle of mud. 

For the Feast of Names and Might, I was stumped. I asked for help.

Mine Rich in Gems Bahá'í Creations for the Betterment of the World 19 Day Feast Pages for Kids Children Junior Youth Youth Adults and Bahá'u'lláh The Báb 'Abdu'l-Bahá Shoghi Effendi The Universal House of Justice - Drawing of Merciful Cat & Mouse

The four of us at IPG (InnerPrizeGroup, our parent organization, see more here) brain-stormed. We tweaked the definition, chose appropriate quotes and prayer, and created the vocabulary list. We reworked the gems kids talk into a meaningful theme. We brainstormed for images. 

 Working in a team is a blessing when times get tough, and when celebrating!

With love from,

Auntie Lili


  • thanks for there activities! i have many difficult to learn this siteweb in portigese or english, please translate for us in french! i’m bahaï in Democratic Republic of Congo! Allah’u’abha!

  • THANK YOU Auntie Lili, we love you and are grateful for all you do!!!

    Rosalie Schreiber

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