Desire to Serve to the Best of Our Abilities

In preparing for Feast Pages for Kids we decided earlier this year that we would first start with me, Auntie Lili, finding the right 1-3 quotations to highlight the theme of the month (based on the name of the month).  Some challenges arose: 

1. The spirit of the month - finding a set of quotations that help us think about the name of the month, in this case, Perfection, and inspire us in the rest of the Feast Pages - takes reading through 10, 20, 30 or more quotations (which in itself is a bounty!) and then

2. Staying firm with the theme and quotations chosen - as I research and build a vocabulary bank from them - for the word puzzles.

3. At this point I start to brainstorm with my daughters to bring their spiritual perceptions. I have to be open to new ideas that can lead us to new horizons or lead us right back to where we started.  This can mean much of my work done may not be used and 

 For issue 14, Names, we have started to do the group brainstorm first  - at the beginning of the process - which is more effective for our family bond, for Feast Pages to grow, and a better use of our time. 

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