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Hi Friends!

We've been working on Feast Pages for Kids since December 2017 - 6 months now.

Working on the Feast Pages for Kids gives me a sense of purpose. The more I do work at it, the better I feel about my contributions. I think I’m getting better at writing and doing the art work. There are many things to do to prepare for the Feast Pages, research is the longest but the easiest. Many topics and concepts are studied before ideas come worth developing. There are times after developing an idea for days that it needs to be scrapped. That’s part of the skill of detachment. I am always “learning in action.” In other words, I’m really practicing… always practicing. It’s quite a thrill to get feedback from folks are enjoying the pages and that they are happy with them. My heart is full of gratitude for the opportunity to serve others in ways that are helpful.


You know, as a person gets older it can seem that there are less and less opportunities to give or serve. A lot of that is due with not having a lot of energy or abilities to do as when we were younger. Older folks even lose their ability to think and respond quickly. Words don’t come easily. Sometimes money is a problem.


At first working on the Feast Pages for Kids was really hard. I was insecure about my writing and drawing skills. It seemed like my writing and drawings were very clumsy. I wasn’t proud of my work. I was ashamed and afraid of the criticism of others. That was six months ago. Now I feel that my writing and drawings are much better, and it doesn’t take as long to make myself ready to do the work. It’s still difficult, but I’m relaxing more. I’ve noticed, that relaxing and enjoying the work makes the work better.


I've noticed that my drawing skills seemed to improve more quickly. But, the writing is much slower to improve. It takes many rereads and edits. I am so thankful that there are three and sometimes four of us to proof the pages.


The most difficult part of drawing is the inspiring images. Finding an image that seems to reflect the content of the message. Sometimes there are no ideas that come. I am learning to draw a picture anyway and find a way to make it work. 


For example, take the concept of mercy. I started with finding the definition from several sources. Then, I generated a list of synonyms, virtues, and words that associate with the meaning. I think of questions to ask that might help me understand. I look for stories and images on the internet. I read what others have written of how they taught the concept. Mercy was not a topic many folks wrote about. Then, I need to think about it! After a time, usually sleep, I get some ideas. Every now and then, something stupendous happens and a terrific idea comes.

With love and much hope,

Auntie Lili

The Feast of Rahmat (Mercy) Feast Pages for Kids will be ready in the near future. As usual, we love to hear from you - your ideas and your experiences related to building community through our 19-Day Feasts. After a time, usually sleep, I get some ideas. Every now and then, something stupendous happens and a terrific idea comes.

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