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Some of the friends have had some questions about making the download process easier each month.  We hope this tutorial helps!
If it helps you can call me at +1-331-444-3927 and I can help you through using our website.  I can help you
  • choose and select which 19 Day Feast Pages for Kids issue to serve your class
  • Then I can email you the purchase order link - so all you (or your Tech Person for the Feast/Children's Class Committee) has to do is check out with credit card information and a little more information.
  • Then that person can upload the pdf to her/his Staples Account (an easy process) and place the order. 
  • Or one can take it in to your preferred printer place and ask for a print out of the pdf (from a thumb drive or in your email) - asking for a greyscale printout of most pages with a few select pages in color, and the number of copies desired for your needs, and a stapled or other binding. 

Please note that we recently changed our pricing structure substantially based on a suggestion from the Bahá'í Distribution Services in Australia who we are working with now to provide 4 month's worth of materials (Months 5, 6, 7 and 8) ahead of time for sale due to come out in several weeks for pdf download and printed copies.

Meanwhile we have the month by month system still currently available for the "Tech" person on the Feast Education Committee/Team: 

  2. Subscribe:  to our free newsletter that announces when the next 19 Day Feast Pages for Kids workbook is ready to download. (Usually about 10 days before the first day of each month.)
  3. Order: Choose products including from our two volumes of the "19 Day Feast Pages for Kids":
    1. The first three months of the "Lionhearts"series, or 
    2. two months from the "Baha'i Months & Holy Days" series... 

and CHOOSE for however many number of families you are serving. See our updated Pricing List based on the 'pay as you can' system: 

    • For 1 family - USD 2.95 per issue PLUS Multiple families at about 0.45 per extra copy
    • x5 families - USD 5
    • x10 families - USD 7
    • x20 families - USD 11
    • x30 families - USD 16
    • x40 families - USD 20
    • x50 families - USD 25
    • x100 families - USD 47
  1. Check out: From your cart press the checkout button
  2. Create an account: Once you check out, create an account with us that stores your contact person's email, password and address. Our website is powered by a secure system from Shopify, a leading online store management platform. (Be sure to write down and remember log in email address and password which you can use to access your account information quickly each Bahá'í month.)
  3. Pay:  We sincerely thank you for your support.  It helps us to continue working together in this way! 
  4. Download: At checkout you can wait for the pdf link to load and be available to you. You can click it and download the pdf.  You will also receive an email with a link for the download.  You can forward this link to other families (if you purchase multiple download options) to download, as well. 
  5. Print: Once you have downloaded the pdf - that pdf can be saved to a thumb drive and taken to your most convenient and best priced printing place or uploaded to a Staples or Office Depot account and printed. We advise printing most of the pages in greyscale/black and white and perhaps a few select pages in color (perhaps the first and last pages of the workbook) to save money in printing. Staple the 16-page workbooks.
  6. Share with the children: Consider...
      • writing the children's names on them to make them more personal. 
      • Visiting to the children and their parents and offering the workbook as a gift. 
      • reading the story of the Lionhearts together
      • describing the reason for the gift - of love and include and bring inspiring stories and education to each and every one of them from the Assembly, or Committee, or Family member... 
      • introducing the workbooks (or other related gift) at the 19 Day Feast to the children and their community so that all can support them in the use.  
      • Encouraging the older children to stay in the same room as the adults as they work on their activities quietly and also feeling free to hear, observe and share when they are ready to. 
      • Encourage them to keep their workbooks in a special 3 ring binder or folder to look back on (here are a few ideas on our website). 

With loving greetings,



Here are more details in the "Create an Account" step:

  1. Create account after you check out - with your email address, last name and password (first name is optional). Be sure to write down your email address and password somewhere to help you remember. 
  2. Open your email for account verification from Mine Rich in Gems. 
  3. Click green 'Activate your account' button in the email.
  4. This will take you to a webpage where you see, Activate Account and create a memorable password; confirm it in the second box.
  5. Verify you're not a robot. 
  6. Log in with your email address and password. Sign in. 
  7. Press blue 'Complete order' button.
  8. Wait a moment as the site prepares your download(s).
  9. You will also receive an email with download links for your digital purchases. 
  10. Your order is then confirmed and you can "Download Now".
  11. The next time you log in, your data should be remembered. 
  12. Enjoy!

    19 Day Feast Pages for Kids

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