Lionheart Story "The First Martyr - Mullá 'Ali" for Month 6 Rahmat/Mercy

Dear friends,
Wishing you have a wonderful month of Rahmat/Mercy!  

Volume 1: Bahá'í Months and Holy Days

This volume explores the meaning of each month and Holy Days in the Bahá'í calendar. Download »

 Volume 2: Lionhearts of the Time of the Báb

See the latest issue featuring the story, "The First Martyr - Mullá-'Ali" Download »

Printed Bundles!  For Volume 1, Months 5, 6, 7 and 8

Equip Each Child With a Workbook Bundle for the Whole Summer! From the Bahá'í Months and Holy Days series. Download »

This resource has been diligently created by the Mine Rich in Gems family, a small family business. See the options below for ordering for the number of families served.  Each additional download is discounted. It helps us continue the work, too! Thank you for that support.

  • 1 family $ 2.95
  • 25% off for 2 families $ 4.43
  • 50% off for 5 families $ 7.38
  • 58% off for 10 families $12.54
  • 63% off for 20 families $22.13

Useful for the summer months! 

  • the 19 Day Feast, children's classes, home visits, and other activities. (This is our Youtube channel featuring stories, supporting your classes.)
  • Just download, print out double sided (maybe print the first 2 pages in color and the rest in grayscale to save money), staple and write their name on their copy to personalize it!
  • Makes a great gift for the children, junior youth and families in your community and other communities. 

They are all available on our site here.

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Mine Rich in Gems
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