Our primary purpose is capacity building within a given population

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Our team of 3 are still reading the Social Action document prepared by the Office of Social and Economic Development, 26 November 2012.

Paragraph 59 struck my attention with clarifying the purpose of social action projects. Our primary purpose is capacity building within a given population.

(iv) Utilizing material means
To accomplish their aims, endeavours in the area of social action require material means. There is a tendency among many organizations in the world—including those working to achieve praiseworthy ends—to measure success principally in terms of the amount of money received and spent. Bahá’í development efforts are expected to set aside such criteria. In modest instances of social action, resources are typically contributed by the community. A more complex endeavour will have to acquire greater capacity to draw upon and utilize funds. In the case of a Bahá’í-inspired organization, this may extend, as mentioned earlier, to receiving grants from donor agencies. Here great care is required to ensure that, in attempting to secure funds, an organization is not distracted from its primary purpose: capacity building within a given population.


Another point of interest, material means are required, but not the goal of our work. 

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  • Wonderful! Added joy to our feast. Thank you so much for your service!

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