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We have received another request for translations! So exciting. But we aren't ready yet, unfortunately. While we want to be able to share with others and encourage others - we just don't have the resources to provide, say, editable versions of the 19 Day Feast Pages for Kids. 

We have had requests for Portuguese, Romanian, French and now Croatian translations so far. Check out this request on Instagram:

We are so new at this (creating the 19 Day Feast Pages for Kids) and we don't have the manpower yet to create editable materials for sale so that others can translate and share the materials. 

It may take months or years before we can offer a viable product. 

But we are so open to suggestions and ideas! Please email us at or click here.

We've been praying and consulting about this since the beginning - when the 19 Day Feast Pages for Kids kind of evolved (Dec 2017) from wanting to put together a few free activities while we were working on producing children's books. The children's books project is still in the works, but has really taken a lot more time than we thought, and unexpectedly the 19 Day Feast Pages for Kids has really taken off.

But from the start we've been wondering how to help other individuals, families, local communities, national communities in preparing children's and junior youth spiritual educational materials for the 19 Day Feast, Holy Days, and other classes and opportunities. 

We did try sharing our powerpoints with volunteer translation teams for several months. It was really gratifying to share with them and see the translations they were able to produce. But this was before we started charging for each issue (February 2019) in order to help us to earn money to continue the work. 

Since then, we now use InDesign instead of Powerpoint to create the materials.  We know not as many people use InDesign as they do Powerpoint. We're not sure how to offer an editable product for sale. 

Another question is how do we make sure the translation quality is to the standards we are working towards? We, personally as a small team and family business start up, do not have the financial or time resources yet to manage the creation of quality edited translations, along with producing quality issues for 20 issues of Volume 1 and 20 issues of Volume 2 19 Day Feast Pages for Kids.  

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