What are the benefits of Feast Pages for Kids?

After our trip to the National Bahá'í Center in the Chicagoland area (April 1-3, 2018) my father, who lives in that area, asked some good questions among them, "What are the benefits of your creations to your customers?"

My dad comes from a sales background - selling insurance in the 1970's and surgical supplies in the 1980's and 90's. I talked with him and my step mother, who is a sports leader and former business leader for one of the world's largest companies. And I thought about their questions. 

Back home in Iowa with my mother, step father and sister - I thought about the questions, too. We are asking how our organization can best be of service to others as we earn a living. 

The name of our family venture is InnerPrize Group and the Bahai inspired creations arm is called Mine Rich in Gems. And we see our efforts together as a form of social action.  The Universal House of Justice has defined social action in this way:

"Most appropriately conceived in terms of a spectrum, social action can range from fairly informal efforts of limited duration undertaken by individuals or small groups of friends to programmes of social and economic development with a high level of complexity and sophistication implemented by Bahá’í-inspired organizations."

We see our efforts as a way we can serve the needs of our family - in building up our individual skills: 

  • - making use of and further developing our individual and collective resources 
  • - honoring and respecting the stories of our Faith and our ancestors - so that others may benefit from them
  • - developing the skills needs to build  more harmony in a family, to listening and consultation
  • - to dreaming and making dreams into reality
  • - and building up our family and community with other families and communities.

We know we want to be of as much service to all of humanity as possible based as best as we can and striving to ever-evolve and improve, placing the Guidance from the Manifestations of God at the center of our efforts.

One way we have come up with to help guide our endeavors is to say a few prayers sincerely together and study together. One thing we are working on now is to study one paragraph per day, Monday through Friday, from a paper entitled, Social Action. This paper was prepared by the Office of Social and Economic Development at the Bahá’í World Centre and sent out 26 November 2012. 

In the first paragraph of this document it says: 

"Irrespective of its scope and scale, all social action seeks to apply the teachings and principles of the Faith to improve some aspect of the social or economic life of a population, however modestly." (The Universal House of Justice)

And we ask ourselves, "In what ways do we seek to apply the teachings and principles of the Faith improve some aspect of the social or economic life of a population, however modestly with Feast Pages for Kids?" We brainstormed and came up with this much so far. 

We feel that the Feast Pages for Kids activities that come out each Bahá'í month, with these parts:

  1. an introduction to the meaning of the name of the month (Gems Message),
  2. a skit where 4 friends have a discussion about aspects of the month (Gems Kids Talk),
  3. a story about any holy days (Holy Days)
  4. Word Puzzles
  5. Stories (Gems Story)
  6. Arts & Crafts activities (Gems Arts & Crafts)
  7. Music Suggestions
  8. Coloring Pages
  9. Goodbye from Gems Kids

can offer some of these benefits: 

    • can help all ages can stay together during the consultative portion of feast
    • can support kids, junior youth, youth, parents, grandparents, teachers, other adults, LSAs and other institutions, prepare materials for the spiritual education for themselves and their family, friends and community
    • can help children can see, hear and feel the processes at Feast
    • can  help to engage children at feast and holy days
    • can help engage junior youth in leading children's activities
    • can inspire service through preparing snacks for feast, retelling a story, acting out a skit, sharing a song or video, being of help to others, giving a presentation, creating an arts and crafts project to share as a gift with others, helping younger children or adults with word puzzles or activities
    • can help build vocabulary
    • can reinforce Bahá'í concepts
    • can encourage reading Bahá'í stories and history
    • can help explore Bahá'í music
    • can help kids practice divergent thinking skills
    • can encourage involvement in arts and crafts
    • can encourage creative play through skits (Kids Talk section)
    • can help children prepare for feasts and holy days ✨
    • prints easily in black and white (saves money) 
    • ready to go activities (saves time)
    • is easy to download
    • is priced right for everyone (it's free of charge with an option to pay as you like)

Feast Pages for Kids month of Jalál (Glory) and the First Day of Ridván

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